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9 Other Information

9.1 Brands


Batavus (1904) has been around for more 110 years and is considered one of the strongest, best known and most innovative Dutch brands. Batavus makes extremely comfortable and durable high-quality bicycles for a broad user-base, but also designs smart and useful innovations that make cycling safer and more fun.

Sparta (1917) is the pioneer in electrically-assisted bicycles and market leader in e-bike innovations in the Netherlands. Sparta works continuously on technology-driven product development, while simultaneously exploring new target groups and new market segments for e-bikes. Sparta’s e-bikes are part of an eye-catching city-bike collection targeting the mid and higher-range segment of the market.

Winora (1914) has been a household name in Germany for almost a century as a maker of bicycles for the whole family, from the smallest children’s bike to a sporty trekking bike right through to the latest in electrically-assisted models. Winora bikes are modern, top quality and durable.

Haibike (1995) produces sporty bikes, including a collection of e-performance models defined by ground-breaking design and innovation. The product range varies from sports bikes for beginners to top-quality professional racing bikes, together with special-purpose racing and mountain bikes for downhill, free ride and cross-country cycling.

Koga (1974) is a Dutch brand that stands for top quality sporty bikes, with products aimed at passionate cyclists. The Koga Research & Development team and the Quality Center are the driving forces behind the company’s exceptional dedication to innovation and quality. All Koga bikes are hand-made by dedicated specialists.

Loekie (1980) produces the best-looking and safest bicycles for children between three and seven years of age. Whether we’re talking cool bikes for boys or a pink bike fit for a princess, we always provide A-quality at a reasonable price.

Staiger (1898) is a trendsetter in the fast-growing market for lightweight bicycles in the trekking and touring segment. The well-known Staiger brand is aimed primarily at demanding consumers who set great store by comfort and top quality.

The trendsetting bicycles produced by Ghost (1993) stand out thanks to their innovative technologies and come complete with small but striking details. The German brand’s name recognition has been boosted by the successes of the Ghost Factory Racing Team and the Ghost AMR competition.

Lapierre (1946) stands for top sporting performances, top quality and ground-breaking innovations with French panache. The Pro Tour Road Team and a World Cup DH Team have been hugely successful riding Lapierre bicycles. The Lapierre bike makers have proven their immense technical know-how with the development of the Overvolt e-bike models. The Lapierre brand stands for a lifestyle driven by passion and performance, both on the road and off-track.

Juncker Bike Parts (1912) is one of the largest suppliers of bicycle parts and accessories in the Benelux region. Juncker supplies over 12,000 products, including its own XLC brand, directly to the retailer sector via the ordering system Accentry developed by Accell Group.

Brasseur (1913) is the exclusive distributor of high-grade bicycle parts, accessories and bicycle brands in Belgium, with a special focus on the Francophone part of the country. The company works closely with Juncker Bike Parts and E. Wiener Bike Parts. / /

Torker Bicycles produces bicycles that allow average intermediate cyclists of all ages to learn to cycle and gain experience. Torker has a wide range of models for commuter traffic and transport, as well as children’s bicycles and bikes designed for elderly people. Torker is sold primarily via independent bicycle retailers in North America.

Redline Bicycles (1974) is a leading brand in the off-road sports bikes segment. The brand manufactures technically advanced models for the BMX, cyclo cross and mountain bike segments. Redline also has a large range of popular parts and accessories for the BMX enthusiast. The brand is sold primarily via independent bicycle retailers in North America.

E. Wiener Bike Parts (1914) is a household name in Germany and France as a supplier of bicycle parts and accessories. Thanks to the company’s numerous exclusive distribution licences, E. Wiener Bike Parts is a one-stop shop for the German retail sector.

SBS (1974) supplies bicycles, bike parts and accessories to specialist retailers across North America, under the brand names Redline, Torker, Pryme Gear, SBS Wheel Works and XLC. The company has three distribution centers in North America, giving it access to virtually all specialist bicycle retailers in the United States.

XLC (2001) is the young, global premium brand for Accell Group’s bicycle parts and accessories. The company supplies a complete line of products for mountain and racing bikes, but also for touring and city bikes.

Nishiki (1965) produces trekking bikes, ATBs and racing bikes for the top market segment. The brand stands for innovation, quality and performance. The Finnish design, ground-breaking in terms of ergonomics and colour use, appeals to professionals and enthusiasts looking for something truly extraordinary. /

Atala (1921) is a renowned Italian brand that stands for riding comfort and reliability. The company supplies a wide range of sporty bicycles, children’s bikes and city bikes for a broad user base. Atala has its own distribution network of independent dealers across Italy.

Tunturi (1922) is a well-known bicycle brand in the Scandinavian market, with a collection that clearly stands out from the average product ranges in Finland and Sweden. The brand produces bicycles as well as parts and accessories.

Currie Technologies (1997) designs and sells high-grade, technologically advanced electrically assisted bicycles. Currie is one of the oldest and most experienced developers and distributors of e-bikes in the US, via its IZIP, eFlow and Haibike Xduro brands. The product range includes models that meet customers’ desire for an inexpensive alternative for mobility, leisure time, exercise and simple fun.

Carraro (1924) is a classic Italian brand in the top segment for trekking and racing bikes. A Carraro bike is the embodiment of excellence in technology, the best performance and reliability and innovative design.

The Raleigh (1887) brand is a worldwide icon. Raleigh has its roots in Nottingham, United Kingdom and is now sold in many countries across the world. The timeless British image and the company’s rich history in professional cycling are a constant in the company’s marketing of the brand. Raleigh supplies bicycles for a wide user base, from children’s bikes to professional racing bikes, always recognizable thanks to their by quality and reliability.

The Raleigh brand has an outstanding track record. It is one of the fastest growing brands in the US market. Raleigh bicycles exude a sense of fun, family, fitness and community, all at attractive prices. Good for users and good for the environment.

Diamondback (1977) is one of the pioneers in the world of BMX. Diamondback now offers a wide range of innovative products for every bicycle segment and helps cyclists to explore and stretch their boundaries. The brand is known for the value and quality of its bikes in every price range and category. The Pro Cycling team of Diamondback was in 2014 the most successful team in North America.

Comet (1886) is the largest provider of high quality bicycle part and accessories in Spain and a top 5 player in France. Comet has an impressive number of exclusive distribution agreements with various well known brands.

Van Nicholas (1999) is a Dutch brand specialised in the development and manufacture of highgrade titanium sports bikes. A team of true professionals guarantees a very special collection of bicycles and accessories. The brand stands for the ultimate cycling experience for every individual user. This brand is all about passion, dedication and a constant striving for perfection.

Cycle Service Nordic ApS is the Nordic distributor of bike components from SRAM and other brands and the Nordic SRAM Technical Centre. The company is represented with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The customers of Cycle Service Nordic are professional bike dealers, bike manufactures and wholesale dealers.

9.2 Addresses

9.2.1 Accell Group N.V.

Postbus 435, 8440 AK
Industrieweg 4
8444 AR Heerenveen
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)513 638 703
F +31 (0)513 638 709

Accell Asia Taiwan Co., Ltd.
24F-3, No. 123, Sec. 3,Taichung
Port Road, Xitun Dist.,
Taichung City 40767 Taiwan
T + 886 4 23599500
F + 886 4 23595887

Accell Bisiklet A.S.
Oranize Sanayi Bolgesi 3. kisim
Ahmet Tütüncüoglu Caddesi No 1
Manisa, Turkey
T +90 (0) 236 213 00 45
F +90 (0) 236 213 00 50

Accell Hunland Kft.
Parkólo tér 1
5091 Tószeg Hungary
T + 36 565 86481
F + 36 565 86484

Accell North America Inc
6004 South 190th Street, Suite 101
Kent, WA 98032
T +1 253 395 1100
F +1 253 872 9490

Accell Suisse AG

Industriestrasse 21
6055 Alpnach Dorf Switzerland
T + 41 41 670 2190
F + 41 41 670 2191

Brasseur S.A.
Rue des Steppes 13 B-4000
Liege, Belgium
T +32 4 2 28 72 60
F +32 4 2 27 40 78

Comet Distribuciones Comerciales S.L.
Polígono Erratzu 440
20130 Urnieta (Gipuzkoa) Spain
T +34 (0) 943 331 393
F +34 (0) 943 555 658

Currie Tech Corp.
3850A Royal Avenue Simi Valley, CA 93063
T +1 805 915 49 00
F +1 805 915 43 21

Cycles Lapierre S.A.S.
Rue Edmond Voisenet, 21005
Dijon Cédex, France
T +33 3 80 525 186
F +33 3 80 520 851

Cycles France Loire S.A.S.
Avenue de l’Industrie, 42160
Saint Cyprien, France
T + 33 967406543

Cycles Service Nordic
Datavej 12, 5220
Odnse SØ, Denmark
T + 45 65992411

Ghost-Bikes GmbH
An der Tongrube 3
Waldsassen, Germany
T +49 (0)9632 9255-0
F +49 (0)9632 9255-16

Raleigh UK Ltd
Church Street, Eastwood
Nottingham, NG16 3HT
Great Britain
T +44 1773 532 600
F +44 1773 532 601

Raleigh Canada Ltd
2124 London Lane
Oakville, Ontario L6H 5V8
T +1 905 829 5555

Swissbike Vertriebs GmbH
Industriestrasse 21
6055 Alpnach Dorf Switzerland
T + 41 41 670 2190
F + 41 41 670 2191

Tunturi-Hellberg Oy Ltd
Varusmestarintie 26
Turku, Finland
T +358 (0)10 27 33 200
F +358 (0)10 27 33 202

Vartex AB

Batterivägen 14
SE - 432 32
Varberg, Sweden
T +46 (0) 340 64 60 00
F +46 (0) 340 61 11 90

E. Wiener Bike Parts GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 8 D-97526
Sennfeld, Germany
T +49 (0)9721 6501-0
F +49 (0)9721 6501-60

Winora-Staiger GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 6
Sennfeld, Germany
T +49 (0)9721 6594-0
F +49 (0)9721 6594-45



Accell Nederland B.V.

Postbus 515, 8440 AM
Industrieweg 4
8444 AR Heerenveen,
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)513 638 999
F +31 (0)513 638 262

Industrieweg 4
8444 AR Heerenveen
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)513 638 999
F +31 (0)513 638 262

Tinweg 9
8445 PD Heerenveen
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)513 630 111
F +31 (0)513 633 289

Wilmersdorf 37
7327 AD Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)55 357 87 00
F +31 (0)55 357 87 05

Juncker Bike Parts
Wilmersdorf 37,
7327AD Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)318 553 030
F +31 (0)318 553 211




9.3 Colophon

Accell Group, Heerenveen, The Netherlands
Citigate First Financial, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Design and lay-out
Mattmo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Boerma Reclame, Gouda, The Netherlands

Production and distribution
Het Staat Gedrukt, Gouda, The Netherlands