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7.3 Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

(in thousands of euros)

  2015 2014
Net profit 32,286 26,500
Items that will not be reclassfied subsequently to the income statement    
Remeasurement of defined benefit obligations -1,858 5,111
Movements in deferred taxes 622 -1,051
  -1,236 4,060
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to the income statement    
Fair value adjustment of financial instruments -1,616 14,997
Exchange differences arising on translation of foreign operations 4,069 6,193
Movements in deferred taxes 380 -3,635
  2,833 17,555
Total comprehensive income 33,883 48,115
Comparative information 2014 has been adjusted due to the retrospective application of an accounting change in respect of the UK pension asset; a reference is made to page 120.

The figures following the various items refer to the notes on pages 129 through 159.