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6.4.1 Introduction

There are inherent risks related to Accell Group’s business activities and organisation. Strategic, operational and financial objectives may not be met in full and the company also faces risks in the field of financial reporting and the application of laws and regulations. The extent to which the company is willing to run these risks in trying to achieve its goals differs per risk category. Accell Group has a relatively high risk appetite related to innovation, development and marketing. At the same time, the company has a low level of risk appetite when this relates to product safety. The risks the company is not willing to take on independently have as much as possible been transferred to an insurance company. The management of risk is an important part of the tasks of the company management, aimed at having a positive impact on the extent to which the company’s objectives are realised. Below you will find an explanation of the main risks the company faces and the way in which Accell Group has organised its risk management.